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An Adverse Customer Service Mistake you Might be Making

We’ve all underwent really bad customer service at some point in life. No matter it was failure to resolve a problem to our satisfaction), or endless waiting on hold, or outsourced customer service that actually has no meaningful connection to the brand we involved with, there is immense frustration.

It is time to admit that customer service, as an industry, has augmented over the years because of technology, crm systems, and, most significantly , social media. If you are not working on your customer service, you might be digging your own grave.

Most disheartening & disappointing customer experience

The mostdiscouraging, heart breaking & disappointing customer experience is once a company declines to acknowledge you started contact. No matter it was a phone call to customer service that rings endlessly  and is never answered, an email that never got replied to, a chat session that stayed foolishly idle, irrespective of the communications channel, no response at all is the adverse action that a company or brand can provide.

It is happening!

Huger companies or brands are far better armed to evade this scenario, and most do a great job. Yet tinier companies int the absence of adequate infrastructure, staff, technology, or prioritization can end up in letting far so many communications go unattended or unanswered.

  • Present day customers expect to get accommodated, in an apt manner since they have already paid pennies for an expected outcome
  • Almost consumers who are attempting to transact, in case questions or concerns are not resolved during their customer journey, they would prefer to do journey somewhere else;
  • Leads do get affected too.  If there is early stage inquiry  and it gets ignored, consumers would want to be inclined towards other businesses than your business.

So,  remember that there can be no excuse to no reply at all other than laziness or apathy on the part of authorities or management.

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